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Baseball in New Jersey gets me and the family out of Manhattan. There’s of course chances to see baseball in Manhattan, but not that many. As much as we love living there, it’s nice to get off the island whenever we can, since it is its own world. And it certainly is not like much of the rest of the world.

My wife and I were never planning on having kids, but it happened. We then were never planning on raising them in a place like Manhattan, but we love our pre-war apartment overlooking Central Park, and we know we’d be crazy to ever get rid of it as long as we can afford it.

Still, we believe our kids should have fresh air, sunshine, and open spaces whenever possible. We get to Central Park at least three times a week, but we also get out of New York City at least once a weekend.

There’s a minor league team in south Jersey that we have taken a liking to, and while the commute involves subway and rental cars, it’s worth every penny to get out among families that live in regular neighborhoods. We heard about it from a real estate blogger ( and we’re really grateful we met her. We’re even talking about moving out of the city and simplifying life a bit, with her help. I guess going to the ballpark reminds me of a simpler time…

The Limousine That Took Us To The Game

My grandfather always tells the story of how he went to a Jersey City Jerseys baseball game as a kid and caught a ball that went right into the crowd. One of the players was even nice enough to sign the ball, which really made his day. The team no longer plays in New Jersey, but my grandfather still roots for the other Jersey teams. Since it had been so long since he went to that game as a kid, I wanted to take my grandfather to baseball game with one of the active teams. So I called a limousine company and made it a day to remember. My pap had such a huge grin on his face. He had never been in a limo before. It might have been overkill for a minor league game, but what the heck. You only live once.

As my grandfather and I took our seats at the game, he mentioned how cheap things were back when he was a kid. I don’t think he was taking inflation into account when he was remembering the past. Out of nowhere, a wave came over the stadium and when it reached our seats, my grandfather and I stood up with our hands in the air. Baseball has a way of making my grandfather feel like a kid again.

During the game, one of the players hit a ball toward the crowd, and it went right to my grandfather. He simply stuck his hand out and caught the ball, with a big grin on his face.

Brushing Up On My Knowledge Of Baseball In New Jersey

I’ve been brushing up on my knowledge of baseball in New Jersey. My family is going to visit my grandparents in Trenton in a few weeks, and I want to be the one that saves my grandfather from going nuts. He’s a huge fan of the game, and likes to talk about it, but my dad and brother are not into sports, and I know my mom, grandmother, and sisters are just going to dominate the conversations.

I’m trying to learn all I can about the minor league and NCAA teams in New Jersey, since that’s what my pop-pop likes to follow. Hopefully we can get together on the back deck and have lemonade in the shade while the women chat all day long inside.

He loves taking me to games, and he’s done it since I was born. It’s also stuck, considering that I’m now a relief pitcher for my high school team.

I’m thinking about going to school up here, and he might be able to come watch me play if I go to a school close enough. I’d sure like to make him proud and have him watch me pitch a shutout for a New Jersey team. I can’t think of anything that would make him happier.

What Baseball Teams Are Located In New Jersey?

With New York and New Jersey being such rivals, are you surprised that there isn’t an MLB team in New Jersey. There are minor league teams, which we will get to in a minute, but there is no team to rival the Yankees or the Mets. New York has its own rivalry when it comes to baseball, and then it’s arch rival is Boston. Maybe one day New Jersey will have an MLB team, but until then there are plenty of farm teams to watch.

Going to a minor league game is a lot of fun. There is the Newark Bears, and then there is the Camden Riversharks. If you think that is all, there are more and have been a total of 19 minor league teams currently in the state. New Jersey’s farm teams feed all kinds of professional baseball teams out there.

Another one of the more popular minor league teams in New Jersey is the Trenton Thunder. Have you seen any of these teams play? If you are a baseball fan, a minor league park is a fun place to be. You get to take it easy and enjoy professional baseball without quite having to put as much emphasis on the game as you would with Major League Baseball.

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Hello, and thanks for checking out my new blog. My name is Christian, and I’m a big baseball fan. Growing up in Jersey, I played a lot of baseball in the summers when the weather was nice. I wanted to write about those times, but also about the history of baseball in the area.

My family and I went to a minor league game in New Jersey last week and it was quite the fun experience. For my younger siblings, it was their first time going to a baseball game, but my parents and I had been to baseball games before. When my siblings saw all of the people in the crowed eating food, they instantly wanted something to eat. They weren’t even hungry when we were in the car on the way to the game. I was feeling a little hungry myself, so I got us some hot dogs, while my dad only had a beer, and mom had a soda.

My younger brother brought a mitt with him to the game just in case one of the baseballs flew into the crowd. Every time one of the batters hit the ball, he would stick the mitt right in front of his face, which gave us all a big laugh. None of the balls came into the crowd, which left my brother a little disappointed. At the end of the game, one of the baseball players came running over to the stands and gave a signed ball to my little brother, which made him jump for joy.

The week before, I took a trip to New Jersey to visit a friend of mine. We’re both pretty big baseball fans, but since he lives in Jersey, he doesn’t have a major league home team to root for during the season. He pays attention to minor league baseball as well, and his favorite team is the New Jersey Jackals. He bought two tickets to a Jackals game so I could watch it with him.

The Jackals game was my first time going to a minor league game. I’ve been to major league games before because my home state has a major league team. While the major league games are larger than the minor league ones, the crowd can still get just as rowdy. The ball park has an amazing hot dog and their beer is pretty tasty.

The Jackals blew away the other team that day, shutting them out without a single score. I don’t know if the Jackals are that good, or if the other team was just that bad, but it was funny to see. The next time I come back to New Jersey, I’ll have to watch another Jackals game with him, and I’ll bring him to a few games when he comes to visit me.