Hello, and thanks for checking out my new blog. My name is Christian, and I’m a big baseball fan. Growing up in Jersey, I played a lot of baseball in the summers when the weather was nice. I wanted to write about those times, but also about the history of baseball in the area.

My family and I went to a minor league game in New Jersey last week and it was quite the fun experience. For my younger siblings, it was their first time going to a baseball game, but my parents and I had been to baseball games before. When my siblings saw all of the people in the crowed eating food, they instantly wanted something to eat. They weren’t even hungry when we were in the car on the way to the game. I was feeling a little hungry myself, so I got us some hot dogs, while my dad only had a beer, and mom had a soda.

My younger brother brought a mitt with him to the game just in case one of the baseballs flew into the crowd. Every time one of the batters hit the ball, he would stick the mitt right in front of his face, which gave us all a big laugh. None of the balls came into the crowd, which left my brother a little disappointed. At the end of the game, one of the baseball players came running over to the stands and gave a signed ball to my little brother, which made him jump for joy.

The week before, I took a trip to New Jersey to visit a friend of mine. We’re both pretty big baseball fans, but since he lives in Jersey, he doesn’t have a major league home team to root for during the season. He pays attention to minor league baseball as well, and his favorite team is the New Jersey Jackals. He bought two tickets to a Jackals game so I could watch it with him.

The Jackals game was my first time going to a minor league game. I’ve been to major league games before because my home state has a major league team. While the major league games are larger than the minor league ones, the crowd can still get just as rowdy. The ball park has an amazing hot dog and their beer is pretty tasty.

The Jackals blew away the other team that day, shutting them out without a single score. I don’t know if the Jackals are that good, or if the other team was just that bad, but it was funny to see. The next time I come back to New Jersey, I’ll have to watch another Jackals game with him, and I’ll bring him to a few games when he comes to visit me.