Baseball in New Jersey gets me and the family out of Manhattan. There’s of course chances to see baseball in Manhattan, but not that many. As much as we love living there, it’s nice to get off the island whenever we can, since it is its own world. And it certainly is not like much of the rest of the world.

My wife and I were never planning on having kids, but it happened. We then were never planning on raising them in a place like Manhattan, but we love our pre-war apartment overlooking Central Park, and we know we’d be crazy to ever get rid of it as long as we can afford it.

Still, we believe our kids should have fresh air, sunshine, and open spaces whenever possible. We get to Central Park at least three times a week, but we also get out of New York City at least once a weekend.

There’s a minor league team in south Jersey that we have taken a liking to, and while the commute involves subway and rental cars, it’s worth every penny to get out among families that live in regular neighborhoods. We heard about it from a real estate blogger ( and we’re really grateful we met her. We’re even talking about moving out of the city and simplifying life a bit, with her help. I guess going to the ballpark reminds me of a simpler time…